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About Us

We are a technology company that primarily focuses and excels in building software which bring our customer's ideas to life. We work with partners that are looking to bring novel and innovative solutions into the market and help piece together the technology required to get everything to run smoothly.

We focus on having a process that empowers people to collaborate and make decisions together quickly and effectively. Our process involves continuous planning, testing and integration of the deliverables.

Requirement Analysis

We pick the right tools to build a roadmap that represents your expectations and requirements.


We start by implementing the designs to reach milestones and eventually produce a working and reliable solution.


We ensure you that the team is doing it right by presenting you an early set of prototypes to analyze.


We follow automated deployment processes to make sure we can deliver to you on time.

Who we are

We are a group of young, enthusiastic, motivated and innovative developers who strive to produce high-quality software. Our primary goal is to provide solutions that execute beautifully and live up to the customers’ expectations. We work hard, but not to the extent that can reduce our productivity and quality. We let our customers know this up front so that they know they can expect high-quality deliverables that perform under strenuous circumstances. We have all worked together before, thus causing an atmosphere of trust, which leads to higher quality work.

At the core of our works, we offer risk-assessment services and decision analytics in the area of healthcare that help customers better understand and manage their risk. We strive to help our clients focus on their businesses while we concentrate on optimizing quality by focussing on the followings-

  • Employee growth and development
  • Work culture/environment
  • Team work – Collaboration
  • Process
  • Exposure to latest and greatest technologies and tools

We Ship Success Everyday. What can we do for you?

Web Development

We work with you to understand your idea, garner your requirements and plan together the ways to enhance your online presence.We offer the latest in web technology.​

App Development

We provide affordable mobile application for commercial purpose, social use, businesses transaction and individuals.

Digital marketing

We believe in finding the best strategy by interaction with our clients and then use channels of digital media to promote your business and services.

Graphics Design

We emphasize your imagination, your concept and mould it into beautiful graphic design. Here, we craft your imagination into appealing representations.

Cloud and IoT services

With the fast-paced evolution of IoT and Cloud technology, there is no limit to possibilities in this hyper-connected world. With this in mind, we here at Prayogshala, build outperforming Cloud and IoT applications that turn businesses into agile, efficient and profitable entities.

Computer Courses

Programming is not just writing “code”. It is a philosophy, it is the power of programmer to understand and solve a problem in terms of chosen set of keywords and constructs. Have interest in computers and codes ?

Why choose us?

What we strive for

On-time and high-quality delivery
Innovative and scalable solutions
Personal and professional development of our people

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